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Animal Law

A guide to resources available online and in the library on the law surrounding pets and service animals, wild animals, wild game, and livestock.

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Chapter 8, "Assistance Dogs," contains information about service dogs in regard to housing, the workplace, traveling, public places, and other topics.

About This Guide

This guide provides resources both online and in print on the state and federal law surrounding service animals. Topics include travel, housing, employment, and emotional support animals.

Texas and Federal Law

Below you will find references to areas of the Texas code and federal law that govern service animals. If you find these statutes difficult to understand, you may want to view the “plain English” resources on this page or speak to an attorney.

Federal Agency Regulations

Below you will find references to Federal rules and regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) relating to service animals. These rules and regulations are established by Federal agencies and have the force of law.

Explained in "Plain English"

Because Texas and federal law may not be easy to understand, below you'll find a collection of resources that help to explain the law in "plain English."

Housing, Workplace, Travel, etc.

These resources address the rights of those with service animals and emotional support animals in specific situations.

Who Can I Contact?

These organizations may be able to provide assistance to those with service animals or may be able to accept complaints about potentially unlawful behavior.

Legal Research Guides from the Texas State Law Library

The Texas State Law Library reference librarians have compiled legal research guides for specific areas of the law. These guides contain resources that can help you research a legal issue. The American Association of Law Libraries has a guide for Non-Lawyers on How to Research a Legal Problem [PDF]. If you have any questions, please contact us at (512) 463-1722 or at


The information provided on this page has been prepared for general information purposes only and should not be construed as, nor substituted for, legal advice. It is strongly recommended that you contact an attorney for advice specific to your fact situation. Your local bar association or the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Information Service (1-800-252-9690) can assist you with locating an attorney.

Some of the electronic resources we refer to in this guide may be in PDF format. Adobe Reader or similar software is required to view PDFs.