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Gun Laws

This guide provides information on Texas and federal gun laws including: background checks, open carry, concealed carry, handgun licenses, restrictions for felons, and local regulation of firearms and shooting ranges.

Buying & Transferring

Who can buy a gun in Texas?

See other pages of this guide for more information on background checks, restrictions on felons, and licenses to carry firearms.

Texas & Federal Laws

Understanding the Law

Age Restrictions

Private Sales & Gun Shows

Gifts & Inheritances

What types of guns can you buy or have in Texas?

Texas & Federal Laws

Understanding the Law

3D-Printed Guns

As 3D printing technology has become more widely accessible, questions have arisen as to whether 3D-printed guns are legal and whether blueprints for making 3D-printed guns can be distributed on the internet.

Can I Make a Gun at Home?

Federal laws regulate the manufacture of firearms in the U.S. and set restrictions on the types of guns that can be made.

Can Blueprints for Making 3D-Printed Guns be Distributed Online?

In 2018, a federal judge blocked the company Defense Distributed from posting blueprints for 3D-printed guns online. This order was the result of ongoing litigation between the company and the U.S. Department of State. So far, the company's efforts to combat the 2018 ruling have been unsuccessful.

Can I buy a gun out of state? Can I sell to someone from a different state?

Federal Law

Understanding the Law

What records are kept of firearm transfers in Texas?

Record-Keeping by Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) Dealers

Record-Keeping in Private Transfers

Lost or Stolen Firearms

Do I need to register my guns?

Registration Laws

The State of Texas does not maintain a registry of firearms. The federal government also does not maintain a general registry of handgun or rifle ownership. However, the National Firearms Act does require that certain types of firearms or other weapons be registered (such as short barreled shot guns, machine guns, silencers, etc.).

Certain Firearms Covered by the National Firearms Act (NFA)