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Reentry Resources for Former Prisoners

Resources to help you re-enter society if you have been imprisoned or jailed.


Employment Resources

Below you will find general resources to help you reenter the job force after your incarceration.

Background Checks for Employment

Arrests and convictions on your record will often make the job hunt more difficult since most employers conduct background checks on their potential employees. Texas law provides some protections to job applicants by prohibiting reports conducted by consumer reporting agencies to include criminal history information older than 7 years in their reports. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act provides similar protections. However, there are some exceptions to this “7-year” rule. See the resources below for more information.

Texas Law

Federal Law

Understanding the Law

Starting a Small Business

Below are resources for those interested in starting a small business and some roadblocks that may arise due to a criminal conviction.

E-Books from the Texas State Law Library

Interested in learning more about starting a small business? Or about employee rights? Check out the following library resources available remotely to library account holders through our Digital Collection. If you are not currently registered for a library account, please visit our "Get a Library Card" page by clicking here .

Books at the Texas State Law Library

These print books at the State Law Library contain information on starting a small business and employment. If you are not able to visit the State Law Library in Austin, this book might be available at a law library near you or a public library near you.