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COVID-19 & Texas Law

This guide is updated to reflect information pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Information in this guide is subject to change at any time.

Medical Privacy

See the Insurance page of this guide for information on medical insurance and balance billing.

"Vaccine Passports"

COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out across the state. Many people have wondered if they will soon be required to show proof that they have gotten a vaccine. In the press, this proof is sometimes called a "vaccine passport" or "vaccine pass."

Some states, like New York, have set up voluntary digital passes. In the future, international travelers might need to show proof that they've had a COVID-19 vaccination. So far, neither Texas nor the federal government has set up a "vaccine passport" or "vaccine pass."

Proof of Vaccination

Privacy Concerns & HIPAA

KHOU, a news organization in Houston, produced this video. It answers questions about whether "vaccine passports" violate people's medical privacy rights under HIPAA, a federal law. In their analysis, they determine that "a 'vaccine passport' does not violate HIPAA."

Government Disease Reporting

Both federal and state laws allow certain patient information to be shared with other government entities for the purpose of controlling communicable diseases in the population. See the resources below for details.

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