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COVID-19 & Texas Law

This guide is updated to reflect information pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Information in this guide is subject to change at any time.


K-12 School Reopening

School Reopening Guidance

School Closures

The Texas Attorney General has issued a non-binding letter arguing that local health authorities may not close schools as a preventative measure. Instead he argues, "The decision to close schools on such a preventative basis — whether public or private — remains with school system leaders who should consult with relevant public health authorities, including the department and local health authorities." This contradicts earlier guidance from the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

According to the Dallas Morning News, TEA guidance still affords all schools "a four-week period to offer virtual-only instruction, with another optional four-week period."

Contact your local government or school board to learn the status of school closures and remote/in-person instruction in your area.

Prior to guidance issued on July 28th by the Texas Attorney General, TEA had maintained that local health authorities could close schools at their discretion and that funding would not be impacted in these cases.

Masks at Schools

Effective March 10, the Governor has rescinded the statewide requirement that masks be worn in most public places. On March 3, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) updated its guidance for schools regarding masks. In its press release, the agency noted that local school boards may determine their mask policy.


Safety Requirements for Schools

Workplace Safety for Teachers

See the Employment page of this guide for information on workplace safety requirements including OSHA standards, how to report unsafe working conditions, and more.

Rights of Children with Disabilities or Special Needs

Texas Guidance

Legal FAQs

Children Staying Home Alone

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents may find themselves in a situation where they must return to work while their child is attending school remotely from home. Our librarians have not been able to locate any Texas laws that set a specific age when children may stay home alone. See our FAQ below for more information.

School Meals

STAAR Testing Requirements

2020-2021 School Year

2019-2020 School Year

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