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Information about divorce in Texas with and without children.

General Information

About This Guide

This guide was created to provide information about divorce in Texas. It aims to answer the frequently asked questions that we receive at the library. 

On this page, you will find a general overview of the divorce process. You will also find information for people who are filing for divorce without an attorney. Other pages explain specific parts of the divorce procedure in more detail.

Important Terms

There are many legal terms used in the divorce process that non-lawyers may not know. Below are some terms that are helpful to understand when facing a divorce. Other pages in this guide will provide more information about how they factor in to the process.

Filing for Divorce Without an Attorney

Uncontested divorces are where there are no disagreements between the spouses about what they want to happen. They can be something you can do without the help of a lawyer. The links below will help you learn about what it means to be "pro se," or representing yourself, and what to expect in the divorce process.

Contested divorces are where the spouses do not agree about what they want to happen. They can be much more complicated. If you believe that your divorce may be contested, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney for help.

E-Books from the Texas State Law Library

Many of the e-books available through the State Law Library contain forms or drafting guides. Below are some e-book titles that may help you with your research on divorce in Texas.

Who Can I Contact?

State agencies are unable to offer legal advice to the public. This means there aren't many official state resources to help Texans with their divorces. If you need help, consider speaking to an attorney or a legal aid organization.