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Name Changes in Texas

Information about legally changing one's name in the state of Texas.

Name and Gender Marker Changes

Note Changing your legal name does not automatically update your driver's license, Social Security card, or any other records. You will have to update these documents individually. See the page on Updating Your Documents After a Name Change for more information.

Legal Aid Resources

Texas law about gender marker changes is largely undefined. It can make the process confusing and uncertain. Several organizations offer free legal aid to people who want to change their gender marker and legal name:

Changing Your Name and Gender Marker

This page is intended for individuals who wish to change their gender marker and legal name in a single application. If you're only seeking to change your name but the change is gender-related, you may find this information helpful as well. 

Texas Law

Texas does not have a law about changing your gender marker. It's up to the judges to grant or deny name change applications involving a gender change. Some counties may reject any such applications, while others accept them regardless of where you live. An attorney or legal aid services may help you determine where to file. 

If a judge approves your request, the court will issue a court order legally changing your name and gender marker.


The process starts by filing a petition to change your gender marker and legal name. This is usually done in a district clerk's office or online. For minors under 18 years old, the petition must be completed by the minor's parents. 

The exact process will vary from court to court, but common steps include:

Resources in the "Understanding the Law" section below provide more in-depth information. Contact the district clerk's office if you have questions about the filing process. 

Understanding the Law

The following articles explain the law and the gender marker/name change process in more detail.


Online Forms

Note As librarians and not attorneys, we cannot determine which forms, if any, are right for you to use. The links are for reference purposes only and are not a substitute for legal advice.

Online forms for use in some Texas counties are listed below.

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