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This legal research guide provides information about gambling laws in Texas.


Eight-Liner Machines in Texas

Eight-liner machines are electronic devices resembling a slot machine. On these devices, a person wins by matching symbols in one of eight lines.

Texas law forbids gambling devices from awarding cash prizes. However, there is a part of the law — commonly referred to as the "fuzzy animal" exception — that allows operators to award non-cash prizes that are worth less than $5.

Over the years, Texas courts have had to determine if certain prizes being given out on these machines are legal. See the resources below for more information.

Texas Law

Since gaming rooms can also be regulated at the local level by Texas counties, be sure to check your county ordinances for laws related to this topic. Some Texas counties post their local ordinances online. Others will only have their ordinances available in print. Contact your local county officials for more information.

Understanding the Law

Attorney General Opinions

Below you will find links to Texas Attorney General opinions related to eight-liner machines. While attorney general opinions can be persuasive, they are not binding. Interpretation of state law is left to the courts.