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This legal research guide provides information about gambling laws in Texas.


Texas Law

Below you will find references to areas of Texas law that govern coin-operated machines. If you find these statutes difficult to understand, you may want to view the “plain English” resources on this page or speak to an attorney.

Since gaming rooms can also be regulated at the local level by Texas counties, be sure to also check your county ordinances for additional laws related to this topic. Some larger Texas counties post their local ordinances online, while others will only have theirs available in print. Contact your local county officials for more information.

Eight-Liners Explained in "Plain English"

Gaming devices known as "eight-liners" are a topic of debate and controversy in Texas. Texas law provides some exceptions for "gambling devices" that are used for entertainment purposes only, and that only award players with noncash merchandise prizes and toys worth not more than 10 times the amount charged to play the game or $5 whichever is less, often referred to as the "fuzzy animal" exception. To help you better understand the law, below are links to resources that attempt to explain the "eight-liner" controversy in "plain English".

Attorney General Opinions on Eight-Liners

Below you will find links to Texas Attorney General opinions issued regarding eight-liners. While attorney general opinions can be highly persuasive and are entitled to great weight, the ultimate determination of a law's applicability, meaning or constitutionality is left to the courts.