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Small Claims Cases

This legal research guide provides information about small claims cases in justice court and provides links to filing information for select Texas counties.

Writ of Execution

Requesting a Writ of Execution

Another way a creditor may try to collect their judgment is through a writ of execution.  Requesting a writ of execution from the court would allow the debtor's non-exempt property to be seized and sold with the proceeds going to the debt owed to the creditor. Some of the Texas justice courts have a form to request a writ of execution available on their website. See the resources below for more information.

Texas Law

Court Rules

Understanding the Law


If the justice of the peace court you intend to file with does not provide a form, a sample application is available at the link below.

Once issued, the writ of execution directs the sheriff to seize the non-exempt property and sell it. The proceeds of the sale are given to the creditor to satisfy all or part of the judgment.