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Child Custody and Support

This is a guide to laws, books and other resources covering child support and child custody.

General Information

About This Guide

This research guide is intended to help you locate accurate legal information about child custody, support, and visitation in Texas. The information on this page is geared toward pro se and self-represented litigants who wish to take care of things without an attorney.

Please see the Practice Aids page to access a list of practice aids geared towards attorneys (but also useful for self-represented litigants) that are available at the library.

Texas and Federal Law

Below you will find references to areas of the Texas Family Code that govern child support, custody and visitation. You will also find references to areas of federal law that govern parental kidnapping and child support.

If you find these statutes difficult to understand, you may want to look at the "plain English" resources listed on this page, visit a law library to access other self-help publications, or speak to an attorney.


Below you'll find a collection of resources that help to explain custody laws in "plain English."

Child Support

Below you'll find a collection of resources that help to explain child support laws in "plain English."


The library is unable to determine what form you should use and we cannot assist you in filling out any form. For more, please see the Legal Forms page of this guide.

E-Books Available at the State Law Library

If you have a library account in good standing, you can check out an OverDrive e-book title or access our remote databases. Don't have a library account? Texas residents can register for a library account from home! Learn more about how to register from home.

Below are some e-book titles that may help you with your research on child custody and support.

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