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Child Custody and Support

This is a guide to laws, books, and other resources covering child support and child custody.


What Is Paternity?

Under Texas law, the concept of "paternity" is very important as the father of a child has certain rights and responsibilities towards that child. The links below discuss how paternity is determined and challenged.

Texas Law

Understanding the Law

Suits Regarding Paternity

If a man is wrongly presumed to be the father as described above, he may want to legally remove the responsibilities of being a father, such as paying child support. Likewise, if there was no presumed father, the mother of a child may want to legally establish the paternity of her child in order to have the father be legally responsible for the child. This section will describe suits to establish paternity and suits to challenge or terminate paternity.

For further information about termination of parental rights, our librarians have created a research guide on the topic.

Texas Law

Establishing Paternity

Mistaken Paternity

What If I Denied or Acknowledged Paternity and I Changed My Mind?

If you signed an Acknowledgement of Paternity or Denial of Paternity form and then changed your mind, you may be able to rescind, or take back, that form. If it has been less than 60 days and a court case regarding the child has not yet been filed, it will be easier than if it's been longer or if a case has been initiated.