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Landlord/Tenant Law

This legal research guide provides information about landlord and tenant law that is helpful to both the practitioner and the public looking for legal information.

General Information

Note Landlord/tenant procedures may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the Eviction page on the COVID-19 & Texas Law research guide for current information related to COVID-19 and landlord/tenant issues.

About This Guide

This guide was created in order to provide information about Texas landlord/tenant law and answer the frequently asked questions that we receive at the library.  On this page, you will find a general overview of landlord/tenant law, tenants' rights, and a list of organizations who may be able to provide more assistance and information.

For more information on specific aspects of landlord/tenant law, please see the other pages of this guide:

When a lease can be changed, what rules or restrictions a lease can contain, service animals, and emotional support animals

Rent increases, late fees, and how rent must be paid

A landlord's duty to repair certain problems, protections against retaliation for requesting repairs, and what a tenant can do if the landlord doesn't make the repairs as requested

Common Problems
Mold, pests, bedbugs, utility shutoffs, and landlord retaliation 

The eviction process, a tenant's rights during an eviction, and appealing an eviction

Security Deposits
Requesting refunds for security deposits and what a landlord can deduct

Subsidized Housing
Information about federally subsidized housing programs and the rights of residents

Landlord/Tenant Forms
Commonly requested forms and form letters for landlord/tenant situations

New Laws from the 87th Legislature (2021)

The 87th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature passed three pieces of legislation related to landlord/tenant law:

Overviews of Landlord/Tenant Law

The links below provide general overviews of landlord/tenant law in Texas in easy-to-understand language.

Tenants' Rights

The links below provide overviews of the rights that tenants have when entering into a landlord/tenant relationship. 

Tenants' rights in special circumstances:

E-Books from the Texas State Law Library

The State Law Library provides several e-books on the landlord/tenant relationship, many of which include forms and sample letters. 

Who Can I Contact?