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Landlord/Tenant Law

This legal research guide provides information about landlord and tenant law that is helpful to both the practitioner and the public looking for legal information.

Utility Shutoffs

Can a Landlord Shut Off the Utilities?

We often receive questions about whether or not a landlord can shut off or cut off access to utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and wastewater. Section 92.008 of the Texas Property Code states:

A landlord or a landlord's agent may not interrupt or cause the interruption of utility service paid for directly to the utility company by a tenant unless the interruption results from bona fide repairs, construction, or an emergency.

If a tenant pays directly to a utility company, the landlord cannot interrupt service due to nonpayment of rent or other charges. The landlord may only interrupt service to make repairs, during construction, or due to an emergency. 

Texas Laws

Understanding the Law