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Marriage in Texas

Information on the laws for those who plan to get married or are married in Texas.

Name Change

Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

If you intend to change your last name once you are married, that can usually be done through the marriage process. Once you are married, it will be your responsibility to notify certain government agencies as well as update your official identification documents with your new legal name. In order to do a name change, most government agencies will require you provide the original marriage license or a certified copy of the marriage license. If you need a certified copy, contact the county clerk where the license was issued.

See the resources below to help you get started with the name change process.

Driver's License/Photo ID

Social Security card

U.S. Passport

Voter Registration

Name Changes in Texas

If you need to change your name and it cannot be done through the marriage process, see the resources below to learn more about how to petition for a name change in court. See our Name Changes in Texas research guide for additional resources.

E-Books from the Texas State Law Library

You can borrow the e-books below with your library account. Don't have a library account? Texas residents can register for a library account online! Learn more about how to register online.