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Name Changes in Texas

Information about legally changing one's name in the state of Texas.

Name Changes Through Divorce

Note Changing your legal name does not automatically update your driver's license, Social Security card, or any other records. You will have to update these documents individually. See the page on Updating Your Documents After a Name Change for more information.

Changing Your Name Through Divorce

Texas Law

If you're going through divorce, annulment, or declaring a marriage void, you can ask the judge to change your name in the same application. If your request is approved, the court will order the name change when issuing the judgment (as the final divorce decree). This law is in Texas Family Code Chapter 45.

This process only allows you to go back to the name you had before marriage. If you want a different name, you may have to get a separate court order. See our page Name Changes for Adults for more information.


When going through a divorce, you'll need to submit certain required forms. These forms will have a section asking if you want to change your name. There is no separate form to fill out to change your name. 

If you're the person filing for divorce, you will be able to request the name change in the original petition for divorce. If your spouse filed for divorce, you will be able to request it in the respondent's original answer or waiver of service. Contact your district clerk's office if you have any questions about required forms.   

Change of Name Certificate

Because the final divorce decree may contain personal details about you and your spouse, you may not want to use it as proof of your new name. You can ask the court clerk to issue a name change certificate instead. It serves as legal proof of the name change and may come in handy when updating your documents and accounts. 

Understanding the Law

The following articles explain the law and the name change process in more detail.

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